Pediatric Sleep Support

About This Gig

We take our jobs of "sleep teaching" very seriously here at the Sleeper Teachers! As former classroom educators, we know the importance of practice and consistency to learn a skill, so we make ourselves (and our expert knowledge) available to our clients. There are 3 tiers of support available to families (DIY mini consult, 2 week packages with an associate Sleeper Teacher, or 2 week packages with our Founder and CEO, Brittney). If you aren't sure what package is best for you, send us a message and we will connect to help you make the best decision for your family!  
DIY Mini Consultation


Phase 1: We start with a basic sleep questionnaire that gives us the information required to create a verbal sleep plan for you. Phase 2: We get a 30 minute phone consultation scheduled so that we can discuss your verbal sleep plan and action steps. Phase 3: You implement the plan on your own and connect with your consultant within 2 weeks of your phone consultation via one email thread for questions or concerns.

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Brittney Stefanic

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Oct 2019
Northeastern Nevada
A former high school biology teacher, my passion for education and the science has lead to my certification as a whole-family sleep consultant. At Sleeper Teachers by Brittney Stefanic Sleep, we specialize in educating and supporting families in finding sleep solutions from prenatal through adult.